What is the Best Way to Make Money at Home-How to Earn Money on the Net

Thanks for popping by and checking out my post about what is the best way to make money at home. I will show you one way on how to earn money on the net.

I will make with you a tour of the new Wealthy Affiliate platform launched in early 2019 and will ask you to take the bull by the horn and sign in for a free trial. Your name, your email and that’s it, no credit card info!

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, two friends who became partners in this new adventure creating at the beginning a keyword platform to help marketers find the keywords they needed.

sign up

Main Menu; Your Account and Profile.

About CarsonManage your account settings. Tell us who you are, tell us a few words about you. With profile images and descriptions, you receive 5 times more help and support from others. So don’t wait anymore and join us.

Main Menu; Activity Dashboard.

Your personalized and interactive community activity feed. Check this out every time you come into WA! The activity dashboard reflects the main list of activities of your network.

  • Activities from other members.
  • Classrooms link
  • Top 10 link.
  • Website Tools.
  • Plugins.
  • Affiliate Networking.
  • Niche research.
  • Traffic Building.

Main Menu; World Class Training.

This is your core training course and it follows your progression, getting you back to the lesson you are in with task to achieve at every level.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Following is the Affiliate Bootcamp course. If you want to be part of Wealthy Affiliate program if you want to become an affiliate and recommend WA.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp

Main Menu; Your Websites.

Site RubixCreate your profit ready Websites.   As a Starter Member, you are given 2 free websites that you can build right-away and start earning revenues.

Your 2 free sites are built on Site Rubix platform owned and operated by Wealthy Affiliate

Main Menu; Live Events.

Live Training Jay NiellLive video training every Friday night given by Jay Neill live video training coach.                                        Experienced in all aspect of Internet marketing.

Main Menu; Keyword and Research Platform.

JaaxyKeyword, Domains, Niches. Brainstorm your ideas analyze your websites                                                                           This is the ultimate tool. Using Jaaxy efficiently will put you a step ahead.                                                                       KEYWORD, AVG, TRAFFIC, QSR, KQI, SEO, DOMAINS.
  • KEYWORD; A word or a phrase typed by the user.
  • AVG; Average monthly keyword searches received.
  • TRAFFIC; Visits to your website if ranked first page.
  • QSR; Quoted search results indicating same word total research.
  • KQI; Keyword quality indicator, green OK, yellow OK, or red poor.
  • SEO; Based on traffic, the higher, 100, is better to rank on the first page.
  • DOMAINS; The availability of domains related to the keyword.

Main Menu; Find Lucrative Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate programsFind the most lucrative programs with this new Affiliate Program platform.                                              Learn how to use this most exclusive platform.                                                                    This will help you find the best Affiliates for your business.

Main Menu; Live Chat Instant Coaching.

Live ChatDo you want to chat in real time and get the answer you need?                                                     Live chat is the place to go to get an answer right away.

Main Menu; 24/7 Help Center.

Help CenterLooking for site support?                                                                       Live Chat?                                                               Private Message?                                                           Do you have a question?

Top Menu; Search 10,000’s of Useful Resources.

resources barYou have a question and you are looking for an answer?                                                          This is the place to search for training or for a person.

Top Menu; You Are A Creator.

CreatorThis is where you find your; WA blog, create training, write an article, build a website, find a domain name.                                                You have the control!

Top Menu; WA Credits, Our Currency.

CreditsPerform certain tasks and earn credits to buy a variety of products.                                                                                                      Credits are WA currency you can exchange for cash.

Top Menu; The Lucrative WA Affiliate Program.

Affiliate ProgramWe pay millions annually!

  • Advanced training!
  • Resources!
  • Tools and Support!


Build the foundation, follow the training, ask the questions, find a mentor and never quit because you will reap what you sow.

Top Menu; Super Affiliate Challenge of 300 Sales.

Las VegasEarn 300 sales and mingle with the top affiliate marketers in the world.                                                                     Join the Super Affiliate Challenge Program and start earning big.



This is an all-expenses paid for trip to the leisure capital of America, Las Vegas. Plane, room, meals, entertainment and many surprises are waiting for you at this annual conference. Be there!

Top Menu; Real-Time Personalized Notifications.
CommunicationsClick on the” bell ” to get your notifications from people at Wealthy Affiliate.                                                  When someone contacts you, answer your questions or for system alert.                                                                The number of contacts is written on the bell.

Top Menu; Private Coaching, Mentoring, and Interaction.

MentoringThe 3 pillars of online success!                                                            Training!                                                         Coaching!                                                   Mentoring!


After finishing the tour of Wealthy Affiliate there is one last thing I want to present to you in more details. The six steps to success.

  1. Choose a topic/A niche. Try to find something that interests you. To do that you will have to go back and forth with step number two.
  2. Make some research for that niche, the more you know about it the better. You will need to use Jaaxy to find your niche and keywords.
  3. Build a website for that niche. (See the video at the beginning of the post.) It is today the easiest thing to do and only takes seconds.
  4. Research for content, use your ideas and your imagination. Again Jaaxy will be the most useful tool to perform that task.
  5. Create content for your website, write down the results of your researches. Create as much content as you can, the more the better.                                          
  6. Find the Affiliates to monetize your site. To perform this task you will need to use the new Affiliate Programs platform that was introduced a few weeks ago.

The end result is your masterpiece, be proud of what you accomplished.

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6 thoughts on “What is the Best Way to Make Money at Home-How to Earn Money on the Net”

  1. I agree with you here that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ways to make money at home. The thing that I really like about it is that I’m able to build an online business while still working my regular job.

    Yes the end goal is to eventually go full time online, but anyone can start right away without sacrificing their income.

    This list here shows that everything is included to START making money this simply means as a new online entrepreneur you aren’t going to have to buy multiple tools as they’re included with Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

    Out of curiosity… if you had to pick ONLY one feature what is your favorite on the WA platform?

    1. Hi Josh, thank you for the comments. I especially appreciate Site Content, I spend hours there writing my posts. Once you become a yearly premium member it is very easy to incorporate the cost in your budget. You know that your expenses won’t change every month and it is roughly less than $30 per month. I haven’t found anything comparable.

  2. I loved the breakdown of the tools and services that Wealthy Affiliate offers. I often forget how much they offer with even their free trial which is still astonishing to me. I personally have a membership With Wealthy Affiliate and it is everything that you mention and it gets better when you get into the training. It is actually worth the monthly/annual fee. The training is some of the most useful information and it is very very hard to find on other sites and Wealthy Affiliate has it all and more.

    1. Thank you, Ryan, even for the full price of $49 per month Wealthy Affiliate is still a great deal with everything they are offering. If you take advantage of all the offers made to you it cost you less than a dollar a day, you can’t really pass this offer if you are serious with your future and the future of your family.

  3. Hi, Claude.
    Your post on the best way to make money from home was sweet, simple and clean. No extra Huffs and puffs – giving enough idea to the audience on the process of affiliate marketing and on the Wealthy Affiliate as a whole.
    I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate myself from last one year and agree with your points that it is the best platform to LEARN and earn. Thanks for your informative article.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

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