What Is Jaaxy Keyword tool about-Jaaxy review 2019

Jaaxy keyword review

I will tell you what is Jaaxy keyword tool about and why it is the best keyword tool you can use for your research on the web.

This Jaaxy review 2019 is my latest review including the latest technologies’ development available.

Jaaxy is the only platform build by affiliate marketers for their affiliate marketers piers!

There are many processes when it comes to keyword search and this platform was created to make this process easy.

More than 500 Million totally new keywords are searched every day. There are a million niches to be found with very little or no competition.

You will be able to literally spy on your competitors and this will give you a competitive edge.

If you are totally new to the affiliate marketing and online business maybe this article could help you before you begin your search!


Jaaxy tool bar

You can use Jaaxy for the following information;

  • Keyword Search.
  • Alphabet Soup.
  • Saved lists.
  • Search History.
  • Search Analysis.
  • Affiliate Programs.
  • Brainstorm.
  • Site Rank.
  • Jaaxy Help.
  • Jaaxy Upgrade.

Top Keyword Research Tool!

There are billions of keywords made available to you and Jaaxy will let you dig as deep as you want to find them.

It takes out the burden of searching and saves you hours of work that you can use for more useful things.

Jaaxy will give you the ability to rank at will. In a matter of seconds, you are getting hundreds of keyword related to your search.

Traffic, competition, QSR is available for billions of keywords. The most powerful database with hundreds of millions of keywords.

Yahoo, Google, and Bing own 99.7% of the searches made online and Jaaxy will deliver access to ALL search engine data.

With Jaaxy’s keyword management platform you will be able to save, store, share, and export many or all your keywords activities.

Alphabet Soup!

Take a word or a phrase and build an alphabetical list. From one search you will get hundreds of keywords that you will be able to use for your online campaigns.

You will be able to find new niches relevant to your searches. There are hundreds of thousands of evergreen niches ready to be picked.

Saved Lists.

All the list that you are creating are saved and can be used later on. You can view them, export them, rename them, delete them with the date when you last save them. Very useful!

Search History.


All your keyword searches history are saved by the title of your search and the date under search history.

If you didn’t save a keyword and you need to get it back, just go in search history to retrieve it.

Search Analysis.

Search analysis will give you your competition for a keyword on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You will see the first-page position the website is ranked in the selected search engine.

The search engine results for the selected search engine and clicks the view details link to analyze the web page.

Essential to know what your competition is doing.                                             One of the most useful tool!

Affiliate Programs.


An invaluable tool to help you find affiliate programs. You enter your keyword and choose between Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, or Click Bank and click on find keywords.

You will receive the name of the affiliate program, the website associated with this name, the commission %, the Alexa ranking (the lower the better) and the network you choose.


Enter an idea and click on Add to Brainstorm Queue. You have the rank of how popular this keyword is in the following feeds; Google Trends, Alexa Hot Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends.

Site Rank.

Another great tool. You enter a keyword and a URL and it will automatically scan for your website in search engines on an interval. Daily, twice a week, weekly, twice a month, and monthly.

You will then know your site rank with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Jaaxy Help

Click on Jaaxy’s help and download the 3 following bonuses plus the affiliate program walkthrough.

  1. Bonus #1  1,000 High Traffic Low Competition Keywords.                                        Download 1,000 hand-picked keywords for SEO success. This is our free bonus for you!
  2. Bonus #2  Niches, Keywords, success.                                                                               Download your Niche Research Bonus and learn how to uncover hot niches in minutes. Your handbook for Niche Research.
  3. Bonus #3 Domain Industry Secrets.                                                                                    Tapping into the billion dollar industry. Uncover low-cost domains and sell them for much more. Domain flipping made easy with Jaaxy.

You also get more than 90 minutes of video teaching covering;

  • Jaaxy Keyword and Management. Walking you through the process of keyword research.
  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis. Walking you through the process of website research.
  • Niche Research Refinement. How to expand on your niche idea and how to get more traffic for your website.
  • The Affiliate Program Walkthrough. Earn revenue by referring people to Jaaxy.

A price point of revenues you can earn, commission level. Capture your links and where to go and get your stats etc.

Jaaxy Upgrade

The research platform was chosen by the most successful entrepreneurs.

jaaxy review


Now, What is the Jaaxy Program?


It is free to get started and you get 30 free searches and when you join the free membership you are getting full access to the lucrative affiliate program. (see program below)

When you sign-in you get the 30 free searches and then you have to decide if you go Pro for $19 dollars a month or you can decide to go for  Enterprise at $49 dollars per month.

Jaaxy affiliate program

This review was made possible because of my association with Wealthy Affiliate and also because of their training methods.

For your information, if you join Wealthy Affiliate you will be getting Jaaxy lite for free!

  • Upon signing in you have 7 days FREE trial including 30 Jaaxy’s search. They ask for your name and email. They don’t ask for credit card info or anything else!
  • After 7 days upgrade to Premium for $19 dollars for the first month and get unlimited searches with Jaaxy.
  • After the first month as a Premium member go yearly to make significant savings. Annual membership is $359 dollars or $29.92 per month a saving of $229 dollars or 38.9%

They have the most advanced platform where they teach you everything you have to know if you want to build a successful website.

As always if you have any questions about this article or any other subject you would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to send me your comments.

Below is the reply section and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading my post!

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8 thoughts on “What Is Jaaxy Keyword tool about-Jaaxy review 2019”

  1. Thank you for this detailed review of jaaxy keyword tool. It is a very helpful tool and especially for beginners like me, it can help make my work very easy. I don’t have to guess if my post will rank, all I have to do is run my keyword through jaaxy and see if its a strong keyword awesome!
    Thank you so much.

  2. Hey Claude,
    Nice and informative review of Jaaxy.
    Jaaxy is one of the most accurate keywords research tool, and beside keyword Research, it has other uses such as domain name finding, site ranking across search engines, brainstorming, etc.

    Jaaxy and Jaazy lite are free for all wealthy affiliate community members, in no other platform keyword tool offered free of charge.


  3. This is a fantastic review of all of Jaaxy’s awesome features! I had no idea there was a tool that had so many features! I have been looking for a perfect keyword research tool and this one checks off all my needs boxes. Thanks again!

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