The Best Website Builder for a Small Business-One Suggestion Only!

You can say that I am biased but the reason I am stating that Wealthy Affiliate is the best website builder for a small business owner is that over the years I have tried many website builders.

Most of them were there to make money on your back and others were very complicated to understand and to realized. The only one for me is Wealthy Affiliate for the following reasons.

Wealthy Affiliate free starter

  1. They offered me to start for FREE!
  2. I was able to build my website during my first lesson.
  3. The yearly cost for all they offer is stealing!
  4. The training is really excellent.
  5. If you need help you just have to ask it is 24/7/365. All year!
  6. If you want to complement your training you have live webinar each Friday night.

I will come back to explain details about those true and positive statements.

Please understand that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will have to roll up your sleeves and work on your site. Building the website itself is the easiest part.

When your site is built you have to fill it with important content always with the help of WA. (Wealthy Affiliate) I won’t let you read for 20 minutes before telling you what it will cost you for a year, the best option.

You start for free and you can remain a free member for all your life if it is your choice. But they are not giving you everything for free. They are running a business and businesses have to return a profit.

Kyle left and Carson

This is a privately owned company and the two founders are always there, you can exchange with them even though they are very busy. Kyle on the left and Carson.

If you want to be a yearly member it will cost you $19 dollars for your first month and then $49 dollars per month. It can be even cheaper if you take advantage of the Black Friday sale at $25 dollars per month. ($299.00 a year)

An economy of $289 dollars per year or 49% rebate.

What is the training like?

As a Premium member, you are offered two choices of courses the Online Entrepreneur Certification (recommended)

or the Affiliate Bootcamp.

If you don’t have any idea for a niche ( A niche is a segment of the market, your audience.) you will be invited to join the Affiliate Bootcamp.

You will learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate in the MMO  (Make Money Online) segment of the market.

A very competitive segment but a rewarding one.

Refer people to Wealthy Affiliate and earn.

Starter members can earn in US dollars;

  • 4 dollars for special offer referrals.
  • $11.75 monthly commission.
  • $87.50 Yearly commission.

A Premium member can earn in US dollars;

  • $8 dollars for the first signup month. A 42% commission on a $19 dollars first month.
  • $23.50 monthly recurring. A 47.9% commission on a $49 dollars invoice.
  • $175.00 yearly recurring. A 29.7% commission on a yearly invoice of $588 dollars ($49 X 12 months)
  • + Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference!

Las Vegas Convention

  • 300 referrals in 2019 and you’re on your way to Las Vegas Nevada all-paid private conference with Wealthy Affiliate owners and the top leaders of the community.

What About the Training?

As a Starter member, you have limited access to the training modules. You have access to level one of Online Entrepreneur Certification and level one of Affiliate Bootcamp, there are 10 lessons in each level that you can follow.

As a Premium member, you can multiply that by 12.  7 level in Online Entrepreneur Certification and 5 levels in Affiliate Bootcamp. This is 120 lessons!

Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Certification Courses


Affiliate Bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp


To help you to go a step further in your online comprehension you can listen to a live webinar every Friday
conceived to help you deepens your knowledge of online marketing.

Jay’s head video training instructor present a webinar that lasts at least one hour and addresses different subjects all related to online marketing. They are all registered and you can watch them over and over again.

Do you need help?

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get help 24/7/365.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and is in more than 193 countries in the world. You can easily understand that there is always somebody online 24 hours a day.

You need help, just log in and click on Live Chat.

WA live chat

You are not getting the answer you want there is some more help. Go in your profile and there you can enter your question and ask everybody to help you with the solution to your problem.

In every lesson at the bottom, you can ask a question and you will get the answer. Still not satisfied? You can reach one of the owners who will help you in any way they can.

Every day there are hundreds of people online and they all will be glad to help you.


You have been surfing the web lately to find an activity you could do that was honest and also that won’t cost you a fortune. Many companies will ask for more money if you want to upgrade to new technologies

At Wealthy Affiliate, once you are a Premium member you won’t need to spend a dime other than buying your own domain and this is roughly $14 dollars a year. The domains don’t belong to WA. In WA you don’t have to upgrade to anything.

On the contrary, every new technological advancement made on the platform is normally offered for the same price. Their price hasn’t gone up for years.

Don’t hesitate and signup!

There you have it. This is the best information I can offer you. If you have any comments or any suggestions please reply below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

English is not my mother tongue and I am trying to write with no mistake but if you see something that bothered you please let me know so I can ameliorate my writing skills.

Thank you for reading my post.

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