The Best Running Shoes for Women-Top 10 Running Shoes

Women's running shoe


What are the best running shoes for women? I will give you my evaluation of the top 10 running shoes for today’s women. Before I give you an evaluation let’s just look at what people are looking for when they buy a pair of runners.

There is a wide variety of running shoe’s all made specifically to suit the needs of the person looking to find shoe’s that will deliver the well-being desired and the feel-good sensation brought by having made the right choice for shoes for walking or running.

  • Best running shoes if you have bunions.
  • Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.
  • Best running shoes for flat feet.
  • Best running shoes for knee pain.
  • Best running shoes for wide feet.
  • Best running shoes for heel pain.
  • Best running shoes for high arches.
  • Best running shoes for overweight.
  • Best running shoes for ankle support.
  • Best running shoes for a marathon.

There is almost a running shoe made for your own personal use and that will ease the pain due to your feet particularity.

What Is A Bunion On Your Foot?

They are bony bumps that develop at the joint of the big toe. They are often hereditary. You have to choose the best running shoes for women with bunions.

Contrary to the belief, bunions are not only seen in older woman or woman wearing stilettos.

Bunions are relatively common and can be painless or very painful. Individual studies reveal that hallux valgus (bunion) is more frequent in female than in the male.

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What Is Plantar Fasciitis About?

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. It is the ligament that connects your heel bones to your toe. If you strain your plantar fascia it gets swollen and irritated. Your plantar fascia is inflamed and the pain can be excruciating.

There are running shoes for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

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Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet!

Flat feet might be caused by congenital bones deformation. Muscle imbalance can cause a disorder of the natural arch of the foot. It can also occur from a developmental in childhood, with age, and after pregnancy.

There are also running shoes for people with flat feet.

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Best Running Shoes For Knee Pain!

If you are struggling with knee pain every day is a test and if you want to do any kind of exercise or only normal life activities you have to endure your pain.

You might as well wear the good running shoe to ease the pain you are suffering from. Especially runner can’t ignore these aching joints.

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Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet!

How can you find the width of your feet? When you buy a pair of a shoe the seller can tell you what is the width you need. Or you can measure them yourself.

Foot size goes from AA (narrower) to EEE ( extra wide). Use a piece of paper to copy your foot on and if you will use socks in your shoe wear them and take out 1/5 of an inch from your total measure.

Do both feet, this way you can measure your feet length and the width. If you are buying online use manufacturers specific sizing charts when possible. There might be differences from one manufacturer to another, they might be slightly smaller or larger than average.

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Best Running Shoes For Heel Pain!

Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis and is sometimes called Heel Spur syndrome. It may also be due to other causes; tendinitis, arthritis, nerve irritation.

This is happening because of the repetitive stress and pounding of the heel. Use some pain medication. Use an icepack to help reduce inflammation and pain. Wear the right running shoes.

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Best Running Shoes For High Arches.

High arches are the opposite of flat feet. Because of you high arches when you want a print of your feet contrary to the flat foot people your imprint will be partial because your arches don’t touch the groundé

High arches permit among other things the distribution of your body weight on each leg. Many factors influenced the height and the length of your arches.

  • The form of your bones.
  • Flexible ligament.
  • Prior or current injuries.
  • Pain.
  • The state of your muscles.
  • Foot Deformities.
  • Overweight and obesity.
  • Everyday activities, sport, work.

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Best Running Shoes For Overweight.

Being overweight is not a reason not to run. Most of your feet problems are due to your weight. For the women that need a little more from their running shoes.

Running without the right shoes can lead to injury. You need shock absorption, flexibility, and support.

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Best Running Shoes For Ankle Support!

The beauty of running is that it is a sport easily accessible. You can almost run anywhere and the only thing you have to worried about is your shoes.

It is of the utmost importance that your shoes are comfortable and that they will contribute to your performance and safety. You have to take special care of your ankles.

You have to decide what kind of running you will do. Are you going to do street racing or trail racing? There is a significant difference in your shoes depending on what kind of race you will be doing.

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Best Running Shoes For Marathon!

It is not possible to establish a top 10 recommendations for your choice of running shoe for a marathon. Anybody needs will differ slightly from another.

The person who shoots for a record time will choose more dynamic shoes than somebody who just want to finish the race will choose more comfortable shoes.

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Top 10 Running Shoes!

ASICS GT-2000 6 Women’s Running Shoe


  • Beware these are narrow!
  • Best shoes for overpronator!
  • Ten stars!
  • Fake Asics!
  • Very comfortable for walking!
  • Poor quality!
  • Sized smaller than usual!
  • Good shoe but prefer Noosa!
  • After 3 months they’re falling apart!
  • They work perfectly for me!

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ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4 Running Shoe


  • I still love Asics!
  • Great shoe, but size up!
  • Best for running!
  • Authentic Asics? My feet don’t lie.
  • Sturdy outside for walking!
  • Bad gel bad glue, overall structure OK.
  • I’m a nurse and I love these shoes!
  • She says they are very comfortable!
  • Great fitting sneaker!
  • Like putting my foot into cardboard!

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ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes


  • I prefer gel-venture 6 over gel-venture 5! Great for high arches!
  • Must Have!
  • Great for high arches!
  • Do not recommend!
  • Walking on air
  • From a trail runner, 5 stars!
  • Loving the Coral!
  • Read their return policy!
  • Tried them out for hacking, 5 stars!
  • Not like my other Asics!

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Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Shoe


  • Best non-skid work shoes!
  • Perfect lightweight non-slip shoe!
  • Sturdy comfortable!
  • Super comfy!
  • You gotta try these!
  • Arch pain do not buy!
  • Cute for non-slip!
  • Send them back!
  • Makes my feet hurt!
  • Cute and practical!

*See details!

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 16


  • Choose Brooks for the fit!
  • Great shoe to walking on concrete!
  • Great running shoe!
  • Best sneaker around!
  • Good, but glycerin 15 was better!
  • Superb comfort but questionable traction!
  • Not comfortable!
  • Walking on a cloud!
  • Most comfortable shoes….ever!
  • Need more cushioning!

*See details!

Brooks Womens Launch 5


  • The Greatest shoes I have ever worn!
  • Comfortable!
  • Warning; Size Up Up!
  • Not that great!
  • I really liked them!
  • Love these shoes!
  • Great shoes!
  • Toe box make walking comfortable!
  • Every step is a hug for my feet!
  • Good for the price!

*See details!

ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

  • Best shoes ever!
  • Great running sneakers!
  • Great pair of shoes!
  • Good shoes but…
  • Highly recommended!
  • Good for high arches and wide feet!
  • Excellent arch support!
  • Very comfortable sneaker!
  • Don’t waste your money!
  • Too roomy, for walking only!

*See details!

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Women’s Running Shoe


  • Back to Asics, thank goodness!
  • Flat, flat, flat… no support!
  • Perfect fit and great service!
  • Good running shoes if….
  • Terrible, not like other Asics!
  • Wasn’t for me!
  • Going back to Nimbus!
  • Sooo comfortable!
  • Overpronate, adapt, and comfort!

*See details!

ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoe


  • Quality is inconsistent!
  • Quality and sizing not up to par!
  • Didn’t have to break these inns at all!
  • Runs larger and more narrow than the gel content 3!
  • Very happy!
  • I absolutely love these shoes
  • Great nursing shoes!
  • Asics are my go-to brand!
  • I recommend these shoes for walking!

*See details!

Altra AFW1755F Women’s Lone Peak 3.5 Shoes


  • 10 stars if I could!
  • Altra’s are the best!
  • These shoes feel wonderful!
  • Great trail hiker!
  • Good fit, great grip!
  • Best running shoes ever!
  • Good hiking shoe. A bit tight for wide feet!
  • Love these trail shoes!
  • Great shoes!
  • I’m hooked!

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St Patrick Day Women Shoes!

ipdterty Wear-Resistant Traveling Sneaker St Patricks Day Shamrocks Pretty Women Non-Slip Track Running Shoes

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16 thoughts on “The Best Running Shoes for Women-Top 10 Running Shoes”

  1. I have wide feet. As well have sores under my feet due to being on ongoing chemotherapy. What type of shoes would you suggest for this? I like your shoes review, it’s given me lots to think about as well I didn’t realize people’s feet can be so different.

    Brooks looks like it is a great brand. So thanks for the suggestion to wide feet, but I will still wait to see how I can soothe my feet due to the sore.

    I am a regular gym goer, will Brooks shoes last me awhile.

    1. Hi, jagi.
      Thank you for your interest in my post. The only thing I can suggest is that you make your own research because you have very specific demands that we don’t see every day and that can be answered I think only by a specialist. I will not suggest any brands at the moment and suggest that you take an appointment with a podiatrist in your region that will be more able to advise you on the kind of shoes you should use. Good luck to you.

  2. Thanks for being so detailed and descriptive about each running shoe on your top 10 women’s running shoes list . Great list I will be sharing with women I know who are interested in running or jogging

  3. Thanks for complying this best list and share with us. I am shopping for a pair of running shoes for my girlfriend.

    If you could also include price in the list, that would be very helpful. So that I don’t have to click everyone of them just to see how much they would cost.

    1. Thank’s François for your interest. I didn’t want to include the price because if somebody read my post 6 months down the road the price might change but if they click on my link they will always have the right price.

  4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes look really good and it is well constructed. But how long does it last? I think of getting it for my girlfriend and she runs 3 times per week.

    1. Hi Furkan, thank for your interest. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes are Amazon’s choice. If you visit their site you will see more than 1488 positive customer reviews. After reading some and mainly the critical reviews, there are more than 200, you will be able to take an informed decision.
      Good luck.

  5. This is an awesome condensed post for all the information I need to find the best running shoe for my needs! Thank you very much for creating this insightful post. The right shoe is paramount to continued running success and not giving up.

  6. I love how you broke everything down into different categories. I think far too often we tend to clump all the categories together and simply think of just best shoes overall. This article really breaks down different conditions, which would benefit me big time, having struggled with plantar fascitis, knee, and heel pain. Are you going to make an article for men’s shoes?

  7. wow never imagined there will be so many types of shoes. ty you for the info. Im starting to realize why when I buy a new pair of shoes some are more comfortable than others. I can see this being a real issue for others. Its nice to know you can go to a site and figure out where you are with just a click. Awesome!

  8. Thank you for sharing this well explained and detailed post about the best running shoes. I wasn’t aware that there were a variety of shoes to meet different needs of people.

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