Common Foot Pain Problems-Foot Pain Diagnosis Symptoms

Common foot problems

This is an informative post and can’t replace the opinion of your health professional in any way!

I will talk to you about common foot pain problems and I will also help you find foot pain diagnosis symptoms so you know what is causing your pain.

Due to the number of joints and their proximity foot and ankle pain are often intricate. All the joints of the foot may be the site of osteoarthritis lesions.

These lesions are most often the result of trauma. All the tendons that fit on the foot and they are numerous can also be at the origin of tendinitis.

There is too much suffering in the world because of foot problems and that most of them can be avoided for the well-being of people.

The 10 most common foot pain that you can overcome and learn how to avoid them.

1-Fatigue Fractures!

Fatigue fractures or stress fractures, they are due to abnormal stresses on a normal bone. This happens when for a long time a person exerts pressure on the same spot on the foot. The pain is generally situated at the level of the 5 large bones that the feet possess. They are called metatarsal bones. Most of the time we try to ignore the pain as it happens.

The solution is to see a podiatrist and to rest a long time.

2-Ingrown Nails!

Suffering is coming from the edge of the toenails. For some person the cause of these pain is genetic. If you frequently play a sport you will be subject to having ingrown nails.

The reason being that if your shoes are squeezing your feet excessively and you press your toes vigorously this will increase the specific risk among athletes to have ingrown nails.

To treat you the podiatrist will have to remove the part of the nail that grows in your toe and he will file your nail to allow that he grows normally.

3- The Pain Due To Cramps!

Many factors are known to produce cramps, pregnancy, the pill, dehydration states, dialysis of chronic renal failure. The foot actually contracts suddenly and involuntarily.

The best method to avoid cramps is to drink plenty of water and always absorb various nutrients.

4-The Pain Associated With Blisters!

This is one of the problems that few people escape. Blisters can very easily get irritated. Especially if you don’t wear socks and wear leather shoes.

The rubbing between leather and skin can cause a blister. To avoid this problem your shoes have to be well-adjusted and you have to wear socks.

You have to sterilize a needle and pierce the blister from left to right or right to left, never from top to bottom because you will release the liquid from the blister.

5-The Pain Due To Plantar Fasciitis

If the tissue in your body is under pressure you might see swelling or inflammation. The problem is really well-known and often happened to athletes whose feet are under a lot of pressure.

The solution is to reduce the time spent on the tennis court. Instead of 5 times a week play only 2 times. Also, twice a day place below the arch a bottle containing ice water.

6-The Pain Due To The Use Of Shoes That Do Not Suit You!

Many times the shoes that we wear are not comfortable but because they are good-looking and ”in” we wear them anyway. The pain comes from the fact the feet support constraints every day.

On the long run, you will suffer from metatarsalgia (Morton’s disease) the front of your feet will be painful. All you have to do is let your footrest.

Twice a day place below the arch a bottle containing ice water. For one week use a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

7-The Pain Due To Achilles Tendinitis!

This is the best advice I can offer you, consult a doctor if you notice swelling of your tendons, they can be inflammated and they can turn red.

8-Toe Pain And Deformity Of The TOES!

Again if you suffer from Hallux Valgus the scientific word for bunions, the best solution is to consult your doctor. He is the authority when you have that kind of problem.

9-The Pain Under The Heel Due To A Calcaneal Fracture

See your doctor if the pain you feel is coming from the heel. You might suffer from a calcaneal fracture. Every time you take a step it feels like walking on a nail.

10-Ankle Pain Due To Osteoarthritis!

People having ankle pain may suffer from osteoarthritis they have pain from repeated injuries to their ankle. The best thing for them to do is to see their doctor.

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  1. Thank you for such great information of foot pain. You gave many insights, including stress on the feet, wearing shoes that do not fit and different foot diseases. I agree with you, if someone is feeling pain in their feet, they should consult a foot doctor.

  2. Thanks for the informative information on foot pain. I lived with severe foot pain for more than a decade. I wish I had access to your excellent article years ago. Today I am much better, but know all too well how disabling foot pain can be.

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