About me, Claude!

Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Claude Langlais and I decided to make a website for helping people searching for the best product at the best price. My site will review all kind of products for people to consult and I hope to help them find what they are looking for.


I was born and raised in Montréal, Canada and in the late40s it was the end of the second world war and many products were still restricted. I remember that we had tickets to get milk and bread.

My father died when I was sixteen and my mom told me I had to get a job because we didn’t have any money. I started working for a pharmacy wholesaler earning $35 dollars per week. I kept $5 dollar and give the rest to my mom.

At around 20 years old my boss at that pharmacy wholesaler offered me a job on the road that I accepted right away and this permits me to climb the ladder of getting promotions with diverse companies going from salesman to regional manager to eastern area manager for a large drug making company.

Today I am semi-retired and working 2 days a week and building my website the rest of the week.


Helping People.

I’d like people to visit my site and become the place where they can count on to find whatever product they need at the right price.

I want to offer them all the information they are looking for.


My Site Goal

The goal of my site is to help people finding the most honest and completed products review they can find online.

If you think of anything I missed because I am just starting my site please send me a note so I can ameliorate what I am doing, it will be appreciated.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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